Warfighter Made’s idea of recreational therapy “soared” to new heights when Bill Belansky offered up the passenger seat in his Predator Desert Buggy to injured warfighters to co drive with him during local short course races. At Bill’s expense, he wrapped his Buggy in Marine Corps desert digital camo, added multiple Warfighter Made logos, then included the names of 25 Recon Marines and Corpsmen who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. To date, four warfighters have sat shotgun with Bill at Lucas Oil Off Road Racing events at California tracks at Lake Elsinore, and Glen Helen. The response from the warfighters has been fantastic as it’s giving them a taste of the speed (and dirt) that comes with every adrenalin filled ride.

Please contact Warfighter Made for more information on how to participate, or support, this recreational therapy program.

*Warfighter Made does not contribute any funds, or support (other than moral) to this program. Everything is funded 100% by Bill himself.


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To the team at warfighter made, excellent work and inspiring, It helped me just watching the videos on this years Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day, After researching what team warfighter is all about, and to see a fellow O3 SNCO continue to lead from the front after taking off the uniform, it truly inspired me. I found something that I could do or help support that would help fulfill that same level of purpose I felt while on active duty. There is something about supporting something greater than yourself that provides a sense of purpose that can’t be replaced.

A little info about us, My wife and I started our company after we both left active duty seeking to do something similar but in support of the warfighter in the fight. We work with Industry to design and develop solutions for warfighter capability gaps. We have some pretty cool mobility projects going on currently that you may be of interest in. Since this is a public posting I will have to share them via direct communication.

If it turns out to be of interest, we can bring the warfighter team into the fold to help the cause or expand your footprint on the east coast .We are a behind the scenes kind of company, so I’m in no way attempting to leverage your cause personal gain or marketing purposes, we would much rather it support your cause and help create more awareness of warfighter made, as it aligns with exactly with our mission statement , only difference is our customer base.

After thinking over what you are doing , a way we may be able to also help is offering veterans a chance to have input and support new equipment design based on lessons learned from their experiences to provide the current warfighter with equipment designed by war fighters . It may provide our brethren with a new sense of purpose as they make the transition into their next phase of life.

We are more than glad to help with what we can, We are a small business located in NC, our office is close to LEJEUNE and we also have access to some recreational therapy areas in the Blue Ridge And Appalachian mountains.

Please feel free to contact me: josh@mtagintl.com

TOP Blanton : Great thing you got going brother, BZ

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