Davey, a retired Recon Marine, was seriously injured when his vehicle ran over a pressure plate activated IED, while conducting combat operations in Iraq. The blast resulted in the loss of both legs below the knee. Not one to look back, he continued to persevere and took his first steps quickly after his injury!

Riding sport bikes was a past time of Davey’s and as he continued to heal, it became a desire to experience that feeling of freedom that motorcycles bring, but he knew with his injuries, he’d have to make concessions. Buying a Can-Am gave him the confidence to ride again, but after awhile, he identified an issue with the vehicle’s stock foot pegs and how they wouldn’t securely hold his feet in place.

In comes Warfighter Made.

Butch custom fabricated floor boards for Davey’s feet to comfortably rest on, while a host of other people and manufactures got together to give Davey’s ride that personal touch as requested by Davey.

Yvonne Mecialis donated her efforts and laid down the custom “real flame” paint job, then added unit logos and devices that Davey earned as a Marine.

Audio components were supplied by Kicker to ensure Davey was “Living Loud”, and  Audio Evolution in Temecula, Ca. donated their services and did the professional install.

Barney’s Tire and Wheel got with some of their suppliers and had wheels, tires, and custom spacers donated to the build, while Butch was busy having everything powder coated black, and also fabed up a custom console for Davey’s phone to sit in.

On May 10th, 2014, Temecula Motorsports hosted Warfighter Made and Davey Lind for his “welcome back to riding” party, that was attended by military veteran riding groups and the Mayor of Temecula!

Big thanks to Imagineering Shop, Yvonne Mecialis, Kicker, Auido Evolution, MURFCO, Odyssey Battery, Lucas Oil, Barny’s Tire and Wheel and to all the people and organizations who donated to Warfighter Made which helped us provide these modifications, adaptations and customizations at ZERO cost to Davey.