2019 Polaris RZR Turbo For Combat Wounded Soldier Kendra Garza

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We became aware of combat wounded soldier Kendra Garza, when 2018 vehicle recipient, combat wounded Soldier (double leg amputee) Tim Hall, said he rehabbed with her, and new she could benefit from an off road machine as well. After learning more about Kendra, and what she went through after her injury, we decided she’d be a perfect recipient.

We contacted Polaris and they donated a 2019 XP2 Turbo Dynamix. Next we called our family at Desert Works, and told them we wanted their Cage/roof/door combo. The owner Scott, then did it one better, and built Kendra’s machine with a Baja light rack, that Baja Designs promptly filled with six of their LP6 lights.

Method Race Wheels donated their new Bead Grip wheels and BFG supplied the tires. Full Throttle Poweder Coating in Corona, covered the cage and wheels in Fire Engine Red, and Squatchboxx coolers donated a pink cooler. Last but not least, our long time sponsor, PRP Seats, took care of the seats and harnesses.

A few days prior to our 5th annual Open House/Car Show in 2019, where we planned on surprising Kendra with her new machine, Kendra called and said she might not be able to make the flight from Georgia to California and she’ll try to link up with us in the future. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, she was basically told, if you show up, it’ll be worth it.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, we surprised both Mitch and Kendra with their new machines. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and the event was covered by ABC 7 news, Los Angeles and BFGoodrich Tires did a short documentary on the event, which can be watched on our social media.

Combat wounded Soldier, Kendra Garza receiving her Polaris RZR.

Kendra Garza all smiles after her first test drive with Rob

Kendra wasted no time getting her RZR covered in Georgia mud.

Kendra’s RZR, along with the dirt bike built for Mitch Melott.

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