Adrenaline Therapy

Adrenaline Therapy Saturdays

Adrenaline therapy is an exciting program created by Warfighter Made, that puts vets behind the wheel of high-performance off-road vehicles, on purpose-built, professionally maintained, off-road race tracks.

The therapy at these events is threefold.

First, the focus required to operate these machines is a temporary relief from triggers and stressors, allowing the vet to regain a sense of normalcy, free from the "noise" in our minds.

Second, the adrenaline rush experienced from taking these machines around an off-road race course, is something that many vets haven't experienced since their military service ended.

Third, bringing vets from all over the nation, many get to re-experience the camaraderie that is specific to being in the military, and many make new friends and support networks.

Vets are welcome to bring there own machines or can use one of our fleet of Polaris RZRs.

These events are free to the veteran and the vet is encouraged to bring their family.

Check out the Events page for upcoming Adrenaline Therapy outings.